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Disaster Relief Operations Course, 08-10 May 2018, Tyrnavos, Na-3

While disasters are by definition tragic, resulting in great loss of material goods and property, as well as injury and loss of life, disaster relief is a truly human response meaning that when people see those in need, human consciousness has developed the desire and ability to help others, crossing geographical distance and cultural boundaries.


According to Annual Plan 2018 and for third consecutive year a Mobile Education Training Team (METT) from Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) located in Sofia, Na 2 conducted a three-day Disaster Relief Operations (DRO) Course between 08 and 10 May 2018, in Camp Schina, Tyrnavos, Na 3, for SEEBRIG HQ Nucleus Staff.

The aim of the course was the acquisition of basic knowledge related to disasters as phenomenon, as well as the main players and mechanisms in disaster relief in order to facilitate the use of SEEBRIG tool, namely the Engineer Task Force – ETF, in such operations.   

METT delivered presentations about theoretical foundation of disasters and new disaster environment and lectures related to NATO Civil Emergency Planning and EU Civil Protection Mechanism and continued with practical workshops. For this part of the course SEEBRIG HQ Nucleus Staff was divided in syndicates and tasked to asses the main physical, technological and human induced hazards upon a fictitious scenario. The syndicate works concluded with developing a FRAGO for ETF in order to mitigate the effects of the identified risks.

Disaster Relief Operation Course was considered a great success both by instructors and students which improved their knowledge related to the topics presented by Mobile Training Team.


A delegation led by the Commander of LITPOLUK Brigade BG Adam JOKS paid an official visit to SEEBRIG HQ on 01 March 2016. During the visit the delegation was briefed about SEEBRIG. The visit is an opportunity to start cooperation and to share experience among SEEBRIG and LITPOLUK Brigade.

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