South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

  • Place: SEEBRIG HQ, Istanbul, Nation 7; Cerkezkoy, Tekirdag, Nation 7.
  • Type: Command Post Exercise (CPX).
  • Participants: SEEBRIG HQ CE personnel, personnel from SEEBRIG units including HQ and signal companies, representatives from UNHCR, Red Cross (Nation 2 and 4), Red Crescent (Nation 7), Search and Rescue Assosiation (AKUT) (Nation 7)
  • Remarks: The exercise was planned and executed to improve the operational capabilities through exercising HQ and through all assigned units, to develop a common understanding of Peace Keeping Operations and Humanitarian Assistance and to enhance Military interoperability between HQ SEEBRIG and the assigned units.
  • Place: SEEBRIG HQ.
  • Type: Battle Staff Training.
  • Participants: SEEBRIG HQ personnel.
  • Remarks: STAFFEX-10 aimed to:
  • Introduce the staff procedures in operational/exercise environment especially focused in TOC activation and functions;
  • Pass the obtained experience to Nucleus Staff members;
  • Train the newcomers to SEEBRIG Standing Operation Procedures and Directives;
  • Familiarize and train the nucleus staff for the upcoming "SEVEN STARS-10" (SS-10) exercise.

Seebrig Headquarters

SEEBRIG HQ CAMP SCHINA 2nd km TYRNAVOS-LARISSA PO 40100, TYRNAVOS Tel: +302410-932311 Fax: +302410-932600

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