South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

While disasters are by definition tragic, resulting in great loss of material goods and property, as well as injury and loss of life, disaster relief is a truly human response meaning that when people see those in need, human consciousness has developed the desire and ability to help others, crossing geographical distance and cultural boundaries.



   According to Annual Plan 2017, a Mobile Education Training Team (METT) from NATO HQ (Brussels) and Peace Support Operation Training Center (PSOTC) located in Bosnia-Herzegovina, conducted a four days Building Integrity Course from 6 to 9 November 2017, in Camp Schina, Tyrnavos Na 3, for SEEBRIG HQ Nucleus Staff.


Seebrig Headquarters

SEEBRIG HQ CAMP SCHINA 2nd km TYRNAVOS-LARISSA PO 40100, TYRNAVOS Tel: +302410-932311 Fax: +302410-932600

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