South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

  NRDC-Turkey conducted Exercise EURASIAN STAR 2017 (EAST 17) PH Ill B (Execution) in Istanbul between 08-15 December 2017 .


Exercise GORDIAN KNOT 17 was conducted from 27 Nov to 07 Dec 2017 at the training areas of “PROKOPIDI” and “LEVANTI” camps in ASSIROS and SINDOS respectively in Thessaloniki area and it was the main training activity of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Greece for 2017.


   COMSEEBRIG BG Tudorica PETRACHE (Na-6) and ADC MAJ Radu Amarie (Na-6) participated in Distinguished Visitor’s Day (DVD) activities of MAPLE ARCH 2017 Exercise on 16 November 2017,  while CG5 LTC Nikolay PARVANOV (Na-2) and SECCOS LTC Abdullah GÜNDÜZ (Na-7) participated in the Exercise as observers from 13 to 16 November 2017 in Nowa Deba Training Area, Nowa Deba, Poland.


On 6th October 2017, Commander of SEEBRIG, BG Tudorică PETRACHE, accompanied by Chief of Staff of SEEBRIG COL Ioannis INTZES participated in the distinguished visitors day (DV day) of Na 3’s LIVEX “PARMENION 2017”, in Didymoteicho.


 SEEBRIG personnel participated in the field exercise “BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA 2017”, from 25th to 29th September 2017, in the city of Tuzla. The exercise was organized by the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) and the Ministry of the Security (Mos) of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized.


   The Headquarters of the South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG HQ) participated as a remote site in the Exercise “SEESIM 16”, which took place in Bucharest, Nation 6, at the Wargaming and Doctrine Experimentation Center, between 10 and 14 Oct 2016.


Between 15-17 November 2011, was held in SEEBRIG HQ in TYRNAVOS (Na 3), a seminar in PSO training, from MULTINATIONAL PEACE SUPPORT OPERATIONS TRAINING CENTRE (MPSOTC-Kilkis) personnel, for SEEBRIG HQ staff.

This seminar gave the opportunity to SEEBRIG personnel to increase their knowledge about PSO operations.

  1. Place: Nation 1, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), in Tirana.
  2. Type: Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX).
  3. Participants: SEDM Member Nations, SEDAM Observer Nations and SEEBRIG HQ.
  4. Remarks: The purpose of the Exercise SEESIM-10 was to enhance the procedures of national and regional coordination, cooperation, and mutual assistance among the SEDM nations in the face of large-scale disasters.

Broad scenario for this exercise was based on a series of terrorist attacks and other man-made and/or natural disasters occur throughout South Eastern Europe.

  1. Place: NRDC-T Training Area.
  2. Type: Command Post Exercise (CPX).
  3. Participants: 3 Officers and 2 NCO.
  4. Remarks: The purpose of Exercise Nobel Jewel 10 was to practice the joint synchronization and exercise the SEEBRIG HQ as an Multinational Headquarter with affiliated DJSE and Component Commands by planning and conducting a NATO CRO in order to:

Restore peace and security;
Prevent further destabilization of the Region;
Support post conflict reconstruction and offer humanitarian assistance in the Region.      

SEEBRIG personnel accomplished all assigned tasks successfully in a professional and highly dedicated manner.

  1. Place: Iskenderun, Nation 7.
  2. Type: Field Training Exercise (FTX).
  3. Participants: 11 officers and NCOs from SEEBRIG HQ.
  4. Remarks: The aim of the exercise was to enhance the readiness level of SEEBRIG HQ for participation in PSO.

According to the Exercise scenario, SEEBRIG RC headed by DCOSOPS- Col Gabriel BUCEAC, was part of a Multinational Force deployed in an UN mandated Peacekeeping Operation.
SEEBRIG main tasks were to deploy in Area of Operations, establish safe and secure environment (SASE) in Area of Responsibility (AOR) and react to different humanitarian situations.
Exercise AS 09 was an excellent opportunity for SEEBRIG HQ personnel to practice NATO procedures and in the same time, to act as part of EXCON with a significant contribution for a successful exercise.
SEEBRIG personnel accomplished all assigned tasks successfully in a professional and highly dedicated manner.


Seebrig Headquarters

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