South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

"ANADOLU SAHINI - 09"(02 - 20 November 2009)

  1. Place: Iskenderun, Nation 7.
  2. Type: Field Training Exercise (FTX).
  3. Participants: 11 officers and NCOs from SEEBRIG HQ.
  4. Remarks: The aim of the exercise was to enhance the readiness level of SEEBRIG HQ for participation in PSO.

According to the Exercise scenario, SEEBRIG RC headed by DCOSOPS- Col Gabriel BUCEAC, was part of a Multinational Force deployed in an UN mandated Peacekeeping Operation.
SEEBRIG main tasks were to deploy in Area of Operations, establish safe and secure environment (SASE) in Area of Responsibility (AOR) and react to different humanitarian situations.
Exercise AS 09 was an excellent opportunity for SEEBRIG HQ personnel to practice NATO procedures and in the same time, to act as part of EXCON with a significant contribution for a successful exercise.
SEEBRIG personnel accomplished all assigned tasks successfully in a professional and highly dedicated manner.

Seebrig Headquarters

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