South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

"BLONDE AVALANCHE ROU 08" (25 – 29 August 2008)

a.    Place: Multinational Engineer Battalion (MEB), Satu Mare (Nation 6).

b.    Type: FTX.

c.     Participants:

·         4 Nations contributing to the Multinational Engineer Battalion (Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine);
·         1 Observer Nation: Serbia;
·         Observer Organisation: SEEBRIG.

d.     Remarks: The exercise aim was:

·         To train the MEB personnel in accomplishing specific natural disaster relief missions and to improve the chain of command relationship inside the BN HQ as well as to increase the level of readiness and interoperability for actions undertaken in common;
·         SEEBRIG had the possibility to exchange information about DRO-Disaster Relief Operations and to enhance cooperation with MEB.

Seebrig Headquarters

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