South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

"COMBINED ENDEAVOR 08" (01 - 14 May 2008)

a.      Place: Germany (Lager Aulembach) and Nation 7 (Hadimköy, SIG COY Field).
b.      Type: NATO/PfP Communication and Information System (CIS).
c.      Participants: 40 countries, NATO and SEEBRIG - SEEBRIG HQ Cell and SEEBRIG Signal Coy, 8 persons in Germany and 4 people in Turkey.
d.      Remarks: The aim of this exercise was:
·         To test the CIS Equipment;
·         To achieve CIS interoperability among the participants in order to prepare and enable those nations to operate together in support of crisis response operations (CRO).

Seebrig Headquarters

SEEBRIG HQ CAMP SCHINA 2nd km TYRNAVOS-LARISSA PO 40100, TYRNAVOS Tel: +302410-932311 Fax: +302410-932600

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