South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

   3rd Working Group Meeting on the Revision of the MPFSEE Agreement was held with the participation of the member nations, SEEBRIG HQ and the Secretariat.


      South-Eastern Defense Ministerial (SEDM) meeting was held in Rome, Italy, on 18th of October 2016 with the representatives of all SEDM countries, which strongly determined to promote enduring peace, stability and security in the region of Southeastern Europe through the SEDM process. SEEBRIG participated in the meeting with the delegation headed by the Commander of SEEBRIG, Brigadier General Faruk METIN.


   36th PMSC and 35th SEDM-CC meetings were held in Cappadocia, Nevsehir, Na7 from 05th Sep 2016 to 09th Sep 2016. SEEBRIG delegation led by the Acting Commander of SEEBRIG, Chief of Staff Col Dimitrios TONAS participated in the meetings.


Seebrig Headquarters

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