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36th PMSC and 35th SEDM-CC Meetings, 05-09 Sep 2016, Cappadocia, Nevsehir, NA7

   36th PMSC and 35th SEDM-CC meetings were held in Cappadocia, Nevsehir, Na7 from 05th Sep 2016 to 09th Sep 2016. SEEBRIG delegation led by the Acting Commander of SEEBRIG, Chief of Staff Col Dimitrios TONAS participated in the meetings.

   In his opening remarks, the PMSC Chairman Ambassador Huseyin MUFTUOGLU welcomed the participants and informed the nations of the attempt coup in Na7. He emphasized that the developments had repercussions which affected the SEDM Process as well. He thanked COS of SEEBRIG, Col Dimitrios TONAS, who displayed praiseworthy performance as Acting COMSEEBRIG during this period.

   At the 36th PMSC meeting, the Acting COMSEEBRIG delivered a presentation for updating the Nations on the activities since the last PMSC meeting emphasizing that the main focus of SEEBRIG HQ has been to improve operational capabilities through exercising SEEBRIG HQ and the affiliated units. Also, Acting COMSEEBRIG informed the nations about the preparation for the Exercise Seven Star 16.

   Acting COMSEEBRIG presented the results of the Evaluation Visit conducted in Na7, Na2 and Na6 to the Nations, stressing that all SEEBRIG affiliated units showed high level of professionalism during the evaluation visits and he expressed his gratitude to nations for their great hospitality and support.

   At the meeting, Acting COMSEEBRIG informed the Nations about some particular issues concerning SEEBRIG operational capabilities, like vacant positions and Main Exercise SEEBA 17 in 2017. In this regard, Acting COMSEEBRIG recalled the nations to consider offering a Battalion-size module and host the SEEBA 17 Exercise since it is an important tool through which SEEBRIG tests, validates its concept and procedure and assess their capabilities and readiness in all aspects.

   After Acting COMSEEBRIG, LTC H.Ünal AKMEŞE, Chief of G3, and Col Nikolay NIKOLOV, DCOSSUP presented the Annual Plan for 2017 and proposed Budget for FY 2017. Both plans were endorsed to be approved in SEDM Meeting in October 2016 on 18 Rome, Italy.

   During the 35th SEDM-CC meeting, nations expressed their national views on the way ahead within the SEDM Process. Later, the leading nations updated the SEDM on the latest development of the Building Integrity (BI) programme, Female Leadership in Security and Defense (by Sofia), Interconnection of Military Hospitals (by Athens) and the South Eastern Europe Simulation Exercise-SEESIM 16 (by Bucharest). Athens representative presented the progress of SEDM Portal. Rome representative gave a presentation on administrative issues of SEDM Ministerial Meeting which will be held in Rome on 18 Oct 2016.

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