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3rd Expert Working Group Meeting on the Revision of the MPFSEE Agreement, 08-10 Nov 2016, Bucharest, NA-6

   3rd Working Group Meeting on the Revision of the MPFSEE Agreement was held with the participation of the member nations, SEEBRIG HQ and the Secretariat.

   SEEBRIG was represented by DCOS OPS COL Ljupcho SPASEVSKI, DCOS SUP COL Nikolay NIKOLOV and CG3 LTC H.Ünal AKMEŞE in the meeting. All the participants agreed the format for the revision of the MPFSEE Agreement – a Sixth Additional Protocol including the necessary changes to the MPFSEE Agreement and its five Additional Protocols. The draft version of the 6th Additional Protocol prepared by Na2 and sent by the Secretariat (REV-1, dated 3rd November 2016) was addressed item by item and the "HQ SEEBRIG Location and Critical Slots Table" were drafted.                                                                                                                                                          It was agreed among participants that the new draft (REV-2, dated 9th November 2016) is to be sent to the nations in order to reevaluate their national positions regarding the draft Protocol, prepare their proposals and send them to the Secretariat NLT 15th December 2016. The Secretariat will send national proposals of each nation until 20h December 2016.

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