South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

4th Expert Working Group, 37th PMSC and 36th SEDM-CC Meetings, Izmir, Na7, 27-30 March 2017

4th Expert Working Group Meeting (EWG) (27 March 2017), 37th Politico-Military Steering Committee (PMSC) Meeting (28 March 2017) and 36th South-Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial-Coordination Committee (SEDM-CC) Meeting (29 March 2017) were held in Izmir, Na-7.

 Amendment of Multinational Peace Force South Eastern Europe (MPFSEE) Agreement and 6th Additional Protocol to the Agreement were discussed during the 4th EWG Meeting, and SEEBRIG HQ was represented by DCOSSUP COL Nikolay NIKOLOV, LEGAD CPT Sofia RAPTI and CG3 LTC Oktay KIRAZOLUGU.

 At the 37th PMSC and 36th SEDM-CC Meetings, SEEBRIG HQ, led by COMSEEBRIG BG Faruk METIN, was represented by COS COL Dimitrios TONAS, POLAD Mr. Antonijo TODOROVSKI and CG3 LTC Oktay KIRAZOLUGU.

 During the 37th PMSC Meeting, COMSEEBRIG BG Faruk METIN gave a presentation about main activities of SEEBRIG and COS COL Dimitrios TONAS briefed about Hand Over-Take Over (HOTO) Ceremony of PMSC/SEDM-CC Chairmanship and SEEBRIG Command which is scheduled to take place on 23 August 2017.

 On 30 March 2017, the participants joined a cultural tour to the ancient city of Ephesus and the village of Sirince.

A delegation led by the Commander of LITPOLUK Brigade BG Adam JOKS paid an official visit to SEEBRIG HQ on 01 March 2016. During the visit the delegation was briefed about SEEBRIG. The visit is an opportunity to start cooperation and to share experience among SEEBRIG and LITPOLUK Brigade.

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