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Initial Planning Conference for "SEESIM 18" Exercise, Istanbul, Na7, 15-18 May 2018


A SEEBRIG HQ delegation composed of two officers attended the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for the "SEESIM 18" Exercise hosted by Na7 at Multinational Joint Warfare Centre in Istanbul.

The IPC was the first main planning event of SEESIM 18, co-chaired by the Na6 MoD representative and was attended by the military and civilian representatives of SEEBRIG, Na3, Na5, Na6, Na7 and Ukraine.
SEEBRIG HQ representatives participated in the Steering Group and Operational Working Group of the IPC, and contributed to the planning process by providing the last SEEBRIG planning elements in the exercise design.

A study trip to Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency was conducted on 16 May 2018 and by this visit, the capabilities of the directorate and the host nation were presented to the Nations and participants. The visit was assessed a fruitful and effective force multiplier in the planning process.

According to the draft exercise scenario, SEEBRIG will participate with its Engineer Task Force conducting Disaster Relief Operations in the aftermath of an earthquake, upon request of the affected Nation (events, incidents and responses are going to be simulated through JCATS simulation software, not by real deployment and employment of troops).

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