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Social Trip for SEEBRIG HQ nucleus staff and their families to Karpenisi, Na 3 from 16 to 17 Feb 19

A social trip for SEEBRIG HQ personnel and their family members to Karpenisi took place from 16th to 17th Feb 2019.

The main purposes of this activity were team spirit building, mental energy restoring as well as visiting specific objectives in the region. Moreover, everybody had the opportunity either to improve their skiing skills at the local ski centre or to visit the famous Monastery of Proussou, close to the city of Karpenisi. Additionally, on Sunday 17 Feb 19, all participants had a lunch at the Officers’ Club, hosted by the Commander of the Logistics Training Center, which is located in the city of Lamia.
    This stress draining activity restored vitality of SEEBRIG HQ personnel and their families.   

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