South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

 On 26th Jan 17, COMSEEBRIG Brigadier General Faruk METIN (Na 7, Army) and COS Col Dimitrios TONAS (Na 3, Army) participated in the HO-TO ceremonies of 1st Hellenic Army and Na 3 TAF.


     The Commander of SEEBRIG BG Faruk METIN, accompanied by Chief of G2 and ADC, paid an official visit to the Chief of NA-3 Tactical Air Force, Lt General Christos CHRISTODOULOU on 30 Nov 2016. COMSEEBRIG and the Chief of NA-3 Tactical Air Force had a productive discussion about topics of mutual interest. At the end of the visit, Commander of SEEBRIG and  the Chief of NA-3 Tactical Air Force exchanged plaques.


The Commander of SEEBRIG, BG Faruk METIN, accompanied by Chief of Staff, paid an official visit to the Commander of Na-3 1st Army, Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS on 11 Nov 2016.

COMSEEBRIG and the Na-3 1st Army Commander had a productive discussion about topics of mutual interest and future cooperation. 


  Commander of SEEBRIG, BG Faruk METIN, attended Air Force Day celebration.


Upon the invitation from Lithuanian – Polish - Ukrainian Brigade (LITPOLUKRBRIG), located in Lublin, POLAND, Acting COMSEEBRIG COS Col Dimitrios TONAS and CG3 Lt.Col H.Ünal AKMEŞE participated in Brigade Day activities on 18-19 September 2016.


According with SEEBRIG visit program, officers from Nucleus Staff have been visiting other Multinational Headquarters and Organizations.

29. SEEEBRIG Visits Disaster Coordination Center 28 September 2010

28. HQ SEEBRIG Personnel Paid a Visit to Permanent International Secretariat of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization 11 June 2010

27. Visit to Na 7 Military Academy (Land) 17 June 2009

26. Visit to Ataturk Mausoleum (Na 7) 17 June 2009

25. Visit to Na 7 Centre of Excellence - Defence Against Terrorism 16 June 2009

24. Visit Na 7 Partnership for Peace Training Center 16 June 2009

23. Visit to Turkish General Headquarters 16 June 2009

22. COMSEEBRIG Visit to Oberammergau as ''Guest Speaker '' 04-07 Feb 2009

21. COMSEEBRIG Visit to 1st Army (Na 7) Command 26 Jan 2009

20. PMSC Secreteriat and SEEBRIG delegation visit in Ukraine 08-10 Dec 2008

19. Visit to Navy Commands in Istanbul 09-11 June 2008

18. Visit to 3rd Corps Command 26 May 2008

17. Visit to Na 6 Infantry Training Center in Fagaraj 16 May 2008

16. Visit to Na 3 PSO Training Center in Kristoni 08 April 2008,

15. Visit to 1st Armored Brigade Command 20 November 2007

14. Visit to 52nd Armored Division Command 19 November 2007

13. Visit to Istanbul Police Directorate 23 August 2007

12. Visit to Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas August 2007

11. Visit to Governorship of Istanbul August 2007

10. SEEBRIG Visit to Ukrainian MOD, 28.04.2005

09. SEEBRIG Participation in RACVIAC Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia, 01-03.02.2005

08. SEEBRIG Participation in 13th PMSC Meeting, IZMIR, TURKEY, 15-16.03.05

07. SEEBRIG Visit to SHAPE, Brussels, Belgium, 25-28.01.2005;

06. SEEBRIG Visit to OSCE, 10-12.11.04

05. SEEBRIG Participation in SEDM Meeting, LJUBLIJANA, SLOVENIA, 05.11.04

04. SEEBRIG Participation in PMSC Meeting, 09.04;

03. SEEBRIG visit to JFC Naples, 15.07.04

02. SEEBRIG visit to SCHOOL NO.30, 07.06.04

01. SEEBRIG visit to SFOR (RECCE SARAJEVO, BOSNIA), 13-18.05.04


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