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External Board of Audit, 25-29 May 15

External Board of Audit, 25-29 May 15


The Appointed External Board of Auditors (BOA) performed an audit with the aim of checking the current status of the common property of SEEBRIG HQ.

The audit was performed based on the SEEBRIG Annual Plan 2015, Minutes of the 30th PMSC Meeting on 17-18 Sep 2013, NATO standards and existing SEEBRIG SOPs by LTC Fulvio MORGHESE, Na4, as Chairman of BoA, MAJ Radu-Viorel MARCU (Na 6), Mr. Mladen MLADENOV, Na2, Mrs Suela GUGA, Na1 as members.

The BOA checked all the common property items and concluded that the procedures described in the MPFSEE Agreement and SOPs were adhered to.

The audited transactions were in compliance with the relevant MPFSEE regulations, and property items have been properly used.

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