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Participation in LITPOLUKRBRIG Brigade Day, 18-19 Sep 2016, Lublin, Poland

Upon the invitation from Lithuanian – Polish - Ukrainian Brigade (LITPOLUKRBRIG), located in Lublin, POLAND, Acting COMSEEBRIG COS Col Dimitrios TONAS and CG3 Lt.Col H.Ünal AKMEŞE participated in Brigade Day activities on 18-19 September 2016.

LITPOLUKRBRIG, which has similar features to SEEBRIG, was founded on 19 Sep 2015 in order to be employed in peace support and crisis management operations on the basis of a UN Security Council mandate. LITPOLUKRBRIG celebrated its first anniversary on 19 Sep 2016.

SEEBRIG strongly believes that participation in the above mentioned event will foster good relationship and widen the fields of cooperation between SEEBRIG and newly established LITPOLUKRBRIG.

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