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   According to SEEBRIG HQ Annual Plan for 2019, in the period from 4-8 November 2019, a delegation from SEEBRIG HQ led by Commander BG Tudorică PETRACHE paid a 3-day visit to Nation 5.
   On the first day, SEEBRIG delegation met with the Minister of Defense Mrs. Radmila Shekerinska, Chief of Defense LTG Vasko Gjurchinovski and Commander of Joint Operations Command  MG Pavle Arsoski. During the discussions, the highest representatives of the host nation expressed their support to the SEDM process, to SEEBRIG HQ and for the upcoming relocation, planned to be executed in 2020.
   The next two days were dedicated to evaluation of affiliated units from Nation 5. In Skopje "Ilinden" barracks, Engineer Platoon has displayed his capabilities, while in Shtip, Mechanized Infantry Company performed dynamic display and confirmed his abilities in a PSO exercise. In the same time, SEEBRIG delegation carried out the first reconnaissance visit to the possible future location of HQ, as well as the new accommodation area and school facilities for our member families.
   The event also represented a good opportunity to survey the possible future "Seven Stars 2020" exercise sites. In these terms, a very inspiring visit to the TRADOC Simulation Centre in the city of Veles was conducted.
   In conclusion, SEEBRIG personnel had a great chance to encompass and round up several very important issues emerged from these visits and to be better prepared for future activities and relocation challenges.


  A SEEBRIG delegation headed by COMSEEBRIG, BG Tudorica PETRACHE, conducted an evaluation visit to Na-5 affiliated units from 01 to 02 November 2017. Members of this delegation were: COS COL Ioannis INTZES, DCOSOPS COL Ljupcho SPASEVSKI, DCOSSUP COL Nikolay NIKOLOV, CG1 LTC Dobril RADOSLAVOV,  CG3 LTC Burgehan TASKOYAN, G4 P&C OFF. MAJ Nikolaos POULIOS, G6 Frequency MGMT OFF. MAJ Emil PANDOV , ADC MAJ Radu AMARIE and  G7 Ops OFF. CPT Octavian CISMARU.


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