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Opening Ceremony of Exercise SEVEN STARS 2018, 10 November 2018, Tyrnavos/Na3

On Saturday, 10th of November at 09:30 a.m. the opening ceremony of the exercise “Seven Stars 2018” was held in Camp Schina – Tyrnavos, Greece. Brigadier General Tudorică Petrache, Commander of South-Eastern Europe Brigade, begun the ceremony with opening remarks.

During his speech, SEEBRIG Commander emphasized the aim and the objectives of the exercise and stressed the importance of this main event for our brigade, in terms of interoperability, cooperation with the nation members units and other NATO and non-NATO organizations.

Valuable military personnel from the affiliated units and skilful augmentees from different organizations like NRDC-GR, NRDC-TUR, NRDC-ESP, LITPOLUKR Brigade, OSCE, Na-2 CMDR CoE and Na-3 Red Cross took part at the ceremony, together with SEEBRIG HQ staff personnel.

“I am confident that your devotion and expertise will help very much and facilitate the expected outcomes in this exercise and I am sure that you will do your best in order to get remarkable results” said BG Tudorică Petrache.

Seven Stars 2018 will continue until 16th of November 2018.

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