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NATO HUMINT Awareness Training in SEEBRIG HQ (19 – 20 June 2019)

  A Mobile Training Team from NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence (Oradea, Na-6) provided a 2-day NATO HUMINT Awareness Training to SEEBRIG HQ Nucleus Staff in Camp Schina, Tyrnavos.
  The HUMINT instructors delivered a well targeted training on HUMINT issues, ranging from overall HUMINT organization and doctrine to practical interaction with all the HQ staff branches and flow of information.
  The high quality content of the academic presentations and the open and fruitful discussions on how to improve the employment of HUMINT elements in SEEBRIG was highly appreciated by the trainees and by SEEBRIG leadership.
  This first HUMINT Training in the history of SEEBRIG opens the way for further cooperation between SEEBRIG HQ and NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence that is set to continue and develop in the future.

Seebrig Headquarters

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