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Participation of SEEBRIG personnel in “VALIANT LYNX20” Exercise, Valencia/Spain,19-27 October 2020

    The execution phase of Valiant Lynx 20 Exercise (VL20) was conducted between the 19th and 27th of October 2020 at the training facilities of Betera Camp in Valencia and it was the main training effort of NRDC-Spain and Spanish Army for 2020. SEEBRIG HQ took the opportunity to get involved in a major training event and supported this significant exercise by augmenting its G35 (Battlefield Management Center) with SEEBRIG HQ Chief of Operations, LTC Emrah Ibis (Na-7).

    The contribution of SEEBRIG HQ personnel in the operational planning process in mid-term (48-96 hours) along with synchronization of the activities at brigade-division and corps level and lessons identified were highly appreciated by NRDC-Spain Higher Control Commander and Staff.

    This exercise provided a good opportunity for our Brigade to prove its capabilities in a NATO environment and to enhance the mutual trust and collaboration for future common training activities between NRDC-Spain and SEEBRIG.

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