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Passing Away of the 1st Commander of SEEBRIG, LTG Hilmi Akın ZORLU (Retired).


SEEBRIG HQ lost the 1st Commander of SEEBRIG, LTG Hilmi AKIN ZORLU (Retired), at Gulhane Military Hospital in Ankara, where he was receiving treatment for some time. His funeral was conducted in his hometown, Edremit, Balikesir on 14 July 2014.

As a SEEBRIG family we are extremely sorry for the loss and to share the sad news of his passing away. We would like to give, first of all to his family, relatives, colleagues and all SEEBRIG members have served so far and their families, LTG Hilmi AKIN ZORLU's condolences.

His exceptional contributions to SEEBRIG as the 1st commander will always be remembered and appreciated.

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