South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force


01 December 2014




 Command Post Exercise (CPX)-“SEVEN STARS 14 / TRIDENT LANCE 14”


            The Headquarters of South-Eastern Europe Brigade (HQ SEEBRIG) will conduct the Command Post Exercise (CPX) - “SEVEN STARS 14” in Tyrnavos-Larissa / GREECE, from 1st December to 12th December.


            This Exercise is the most important event for the whole year. It is worth noting that this year’s exercise will be conducted for the first time along with the NATO Exercise TRIDENT LANCE 14.


            In addition, to the staff of SEEBRIG HQ, augmentees from the 7 member nations of SEEBRIG will also participate.


            The aim of this exercise is to improve operational capability through exercising HQ SEEBRIG and all assigned units, to develop a common understanding of Peace Support Operations (PSO) - Humanitarian Assistance (HA) and to enhance military interoperability between all the involved parties.


            All activities will be simulated in SEEBRIG facilities in Tyrnavos / Larissa through computers, maps and war games with military personnel from SEEBRIG member nations. The basic matters, which will be practiced and exercised, are related to the involvement of the command and the staff of SEEBRIG and subordinated units in the decision-making process during PSO and HA in the mission area.

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