South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

BG Zdravko POPOVSKI at Handover/Takeover Ceremony in Larissa, 14 July 2011

Excellence, Generals, Admirals, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear guests, Allow me first, to congratulate those that made this happen and at the same time express my sincere gratitude to the host nation and present admirations to my predecessor BG. Zyber Dushku and convey recognitions to the integral SEEBRIG HQ on their achievements. Here in the hart of Thessaly, backed by the patron of Saint Achillius of Larissa, and the good wind coming from Mount Olympus, via the Pineios River and the Ancient Agora, I feel honored and privileged to take-over the responsibilities as the commander of SEEBRIG. For me this is a more then just a career achievement; it is a momentum which needs prudent approach to thinking about the future. I personally am proud to be in Larissa today, the World Capital of Poetry in 2011, where the 22nd World Congress of Poets took place. Larissa brings together poets from all around the world to promote "World Brotherhood and Peace through Poetry" not discriminating race, religion and nationality. SEEBRIG has the very same role in military terms, to bring multiculturalism, as some of my predecessors have said, and enhance multinational friendship and contemporary political and military cooperation of the region. I am here to serve that goal. In this modern dynamic and vibrant city, the capabilities and readiness should not be based on previous assumptions, on the contrary, they should be derived from our abilities to take steps now, which will help us understand and plan for the future. Since SEEBRIG is combat ready, this is a time to concentrate on essentials. SEEBRIG is in a position to advance the already successful achievements as a part of a security policy and regional cooperation. SEEBRIG is an evolutionary regional military tool that relies on deployable, sustainable, and interoperable forces. It could create the common response to the challenges based on a modern understanding of warfare. SEEBRIG can play a role in advocating security and best practices in a unique position to build partnership in support of the common goals and to help decision-makers identify the best course of action. I believe in the evolution and future of SEEBRIG as of global security commons. I am convinced that being in command with SEEBRIG will definitely contribute to building an effective military cooperation and create a spirit of trust among our respective militaries. At the end, it will define a military structure capable of assuring that peace and stability will always prevail.

Seebrig Headquarters

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