South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

Speech of Acting/COMSEEBRIG COL Dimitrios TONAS on the occasion of the 17th Anniversary of SEEBRIG


Honorable Consuls,,

Respectable Generals and Dear Colleagues

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good evening!


I am most delighted to receive you here this evening on the occasion of the celebration of the 17th anniversary of the establishment of SEEBRIG HQ.

This evening is dedicated to the establishment of SEEBRIG as the most significant military instrument of the joint efforts of our nations in order to promote peace and stability and foster good neighborly relations.

SEEBRIG has become officially operational on 31 August 1999, in Plovdiv as the first host, followed by Constanta, Istanbul and in Larisa today.

SEEBRIG was developed amongst turbulent times in our region, aiming to promote regional security and stability and further enhance cooperation in the conduct of Peace Support and Humanitarian Relief Operations.

SEEBRIG HQ has become since the melting pot of different cultures and mentalities of people working together for a common cause creating a harmonized military organization.

In the course of the past 17 years, the Officers, NCOs and the entire personnel demonstrated outstanding professionalism and dedication in the successful completion of numerous tasks and assignments.

Today, we are celebrating 17 years of multi-nationalism and multi-culturalism under the motto "One team, one mission". 

In the past 17 years, SEEBRIG has been well recognized for its involvement in the military field at all levels of international arena.

SEEBRIG remains the most effective military tool for promoting the peace and stability in South Eastern Europe.

We can be proud of what we have achieved together. SEEBRIG reflects our efforts, values, beliefs and experiences. It is the image of successful cooperation that our region projects to the world. 

Dear Guests

Allow me to express my appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making SEEBRIG what it is today.

I am obliged to all former commanders of SEEBRIG, former and current staff at PMSC and SEDM-CC Secretariat for the wonderful job they have done, setting the stage and preconditions for the smooth running of this organization and establishing excellent cooperation and mutual understanding among the nations.

We should underline the important role of PMSC/SEDM CC Chairmen and their secretariats for their advice, assistance and their initiatives to evolve SEEBRIG project in order to meet the emerging defence and security challenges in the world.

Let us not forget the generous contribution to SEEBRIG HQ offered by all Host Nations and especially the current one. They have earned the highest marks for their hospitality by opening their military and civilian facilities to us and to our family members.

This ceremony would not be the same without the real support of our families. Thank you for everything you have done.

At the very end, allow me to congratulate you and wish you success in the years to come.  



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Thank you!

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