South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

COMSEEBRIG Official Visit to Na-3 Affiliated Units

A delegation headed by Commander of SEEBRIG, BG Faruk METiN paid an official visit to a Na-3 affiliated unit (525th Mechanized Infantry Battalion) in Polikastro on 23 May 2017. Chief of Staff of SEEBRIG COL loannis INTZES, and CG3 LTC Oktay KTRAZOLUGU accompanied to him as delegation of SEEBRIG.

SEEBRIG delegation was welcomed in Garrison by Commander of 33rd Mechanized lnfantry Brigade Commander BG Athanasios NALBANTIS. An office call was paid to him. Then the delegation went on to have the unit briefing from 525th Mechanized lnfantry Battalion. The Commander of the Battalion, LTC loannis CHRISTOU briefed the delegation about the history, organization, mission, training and logistics of the Unit and its participation in various peace support operations.

After the briefing, the delegation attended a static display of Battalion’s equipment including weapons, general equipment and vehicles. The exhibition supported with informative tables, was very well prepared. It was noticed that the equipment of the unit was in excellent condition and personnel were well trained.

At the end of the visit, COMSEEBRIG expressed his pleasure and congratulate the Unit Commander and his superiors for their professionalism. COMSEEBRIG appreciated the great effort and commitment of Na-3 to SEEBRIG, that is reflecting professionalism and readiness of its units.