South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

Evaluation visit to Nation 3 Affiliated Units, 19 – 20 November 2019

According to SEEBRIG HQ Annual Plan for 2019, in the period from 19-20 November 2019, a delegation from SEEBRIG HQ led by Commander BG Tudorică PETRACHE paid a 2-day visit to Nation 3.
On the first day, COM and COS SEEBRIG had and official call with NRDC-GR COM, Lt GEN Konstantinos KOUTRAS, in the NRDC-GR HQ. During the meeting COMSEEBRIG had the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest and future challenges for both structures. Afterwards the whole SEEBRIG delegation, accompanied by the ENG BDE DCOM, Col Ioannis Giannopoulos, moved to the LEVANTI Camp in Sindos. There, after the briefing given to the delagation, the Eng Coy(HEPSEC) performed its capabilities dealing with PSO and DRO, both in static and in dynamic display.
The next day, the SEEBRIG delegation moved to Polykastro Kilkis, in order to evaluate the second affiliated unit from Nation 3. Initially the COM and COS SEEBRIG had and official call with the 33rd Mech Inf Bde COM, BGEN Ioannis Gkoutzourelas. Afterwards, the whole SEEBRIG delegation moved to Oreovitsa Training Field, where the 506th Mechanized Infantry Battalion performed static display of its equipment and dynamic display that confirmed its PSO capabilities through an exercise that was conducted under severe weather conditions.
In conclusion, SEEBRIG personnel had a great chance to aknowledge the personnel and the capabilities of the affiliated units which will be their “operating tools” in possible future activities concerning PSO and DRO.