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COMSEEBRIG participation to the Distinguished Visitors Day of Exercise “BLESOK 22”, Krivolak / Na-5, 11 April 2022

On 11 April 2022 Commander of SEEBRIG BG Evangelos MITROUTSIKOS participated to the DV Day for the Exercise “BLESOK 2022”, which was organized in Na-5 Army Training Area “Krivolak”.

The “BLESOK 2022” exercise took place in the period from 03 to 11 April 2022 performing a number of activities through staged incidents, evaluating the combat readiness of the Light Infantry Battalion, NATO - CREVAL (Combat Readiness Evaluation).

At the end of the exercise, Minister of Defense, Slavjanka PETROVSKA and Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Vasko GJURCHINOVSKI congratulated the participants of the exercise for successful implementation.

         This was an opportunity for Commander of SEEBRIG to meet with the high-level participants and discuss issues of mutual interest and to raise awareness about SEEBRIG mission and capabilities.

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