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Participation of SEEBRIG HQ personnel in “EURASIAN STAR 19” Exercise

   From 25th November to 6th of December 2019 a delegation of five officers from SEEBRIG HQ participated in the Response Cell for the EXCON to execution phase of “EURASIAN STAR 19” Exercise, conducted by NRDC-Tur in the wider area of Istanbul, Na-7.
  The team was composed by: COL STOJANOVSKI Vladimir/Na-5, LTC NTANTALIS Fotios/Na-3, LTC GEORGILAS Stavros/Na-3, LTC POULIOS Nikolaos/Na-3 and MAJ KOROVESHI Olgert/Na-1. The contribution of SEEBRIG HQ personnel was highly appreciated for the involvement and professionalism in conducting planned battle-rhythm.
   On 5th of November, COMSEEBRIG BG Tudorică PETRACHE participated in the distinguished visitors’ (DV) day of the exercise. The DV Day was also attended by delegations from the NATO Command and Force Structure, by SHAPE/NMRs, by high ranking Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Officers, as well as by Consul Generals and accredited Defense Attaches in Turkey. 

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