South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

On 29 April 2020 a coordination meeting took place in Camp SCHINA in preparation for the upcoming major activities from SEEBRIG Annual Plan 2020. The meeting was a perfect opportunity to introduce the newly appointed Chief of Staff (COS) of SEEBRIG, Colonel Vasileios PAPARSENIOU (Na-3 Army).

Commander of SEEBRIG, Brigadier General Tudorică PETRACHE along with the SEEBRIG HQ Nucleus Staff welcomed the new COS and wished him success in his new position.


On Thursday 16 April 2020, a delegation of officers and NCOs from SEEBRIG HQ visited the University Hospital of Larissa to make a donation of protective equipment for the doctors and nurses engaged in battling COVID-19. Moreover, SEEBRIG offered food items to the churches of Saint George and God’s Wisdom in order to support the breadlines, which reach hundreds of people daily.

Apart from the military aspects of its activities, SEEBRIG focuses on contributing to the local society and promoting altruism, solidarity and care for the people in need.


SEEBRIG Headquarters

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