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Regional Arms Control Verification and Implementation Assistance Centre (RACVIAC) - Centre for Security and Cooperation delegation visit to SEEBRIG HQ, on 22nd of January 2020, in Tyrnavos/Na-3

   On 22nd of January 2020 a delegation from RACVIAC, led by its director, Major General (Ret.) Jeronim Bazo, paid an official visit to SEEBRIG HQ in Camp SCHINA, Tyrnavos.
  The delegation was welcomed by COMSEEBRIG BG Tudorică PETRACHE and after the official office call, the guests were briefed on SEEBRIG’s history, mission, structure, capabilities, exercises and training. Afterwards, SEEBRIG HQ personnel were informed  about RACVIAC history, mission, annual programme, accomplishments and their field of expertise. RACVIAC is an international, independent, regionally owned organization, with the mission to foster dialogue and cooperation on security matters in South Eastern Europe through a partnership between the countries of the region and their international partners.
  During the meeting, COMSEEBRIG discussed with the delegation about common approaches related with training by workshops, courses and seminars  in RACVIAC Centre, participation to our main exercise and other issues of common interest.
  The delegation visited SEEBRIG HQ offices, Tactical Operation Center where they could get insights on our procedures and functions, physical training facilities, CIS tools and equipment.

SEEBRIG Headquarters

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