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HUMINT Introductory Course, 12-14 April 2022, Kumanovo/Na-5

From 12th to 14th of April 2022 a Mobile Training Team provided by NATO HUMINT Center of Excellence (HCOE)conducted а “HUMINT Introductory Course” for SEEBRIG’s HQ personnel in “Boro MENKOV” Barracks, Kumanovo/Na-5.

COMSEEBRIG welcomed the instructors during the office call and after a short introduction, he announced the beginning of the training course. The purpose of the training was to enhance HQ personnel knowledge on HUMINT in order to be capable to fulfil SEEBRIG’s mission, during employment in conflict prevention and in other peace support operations, including peace-keeping, peace-making, peace-building and humanitarian assistance.

During the course, participants obtained the theoretical background on issues relevant to NATO HUMINT Doctrines, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and some generic information on HCOE role and activity within the NATO COEs network.

At the end of the activity, COMSEEBRIG congratulated the trainers for their high educational level and expressed his thanks for the good cooperation with SEEBRIG HQ. Moreover, he underlined that the training was productive and fruitful for all the participants.

SEEBRIG Headquarters

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