South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

Chairman of PMSC between 1999 - 2001

Mr. Nikolaos DIMADIS - Nation 3



Mr. Dimadis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He graduated from the law school of the University of Thessaloniki in 1962. After postgraduate studies in Economics, he was assigned in 1965 as a researcher at the Center of Planning and Economical Research, Athens. Between 1967 – 1982, Mr. Dimadis was teaching Economics (History of Economic Analyses and Development Theory) at the "Paris 8" University.

His assignements at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs include: Ambassador – Permanent Representative of Greece to the European Communities (1982 - 1984), Ambassador of Greece to Venezuela (1985 - 1989), Secretary General of the Greeks abroad (1993 - 1996).

In 1996 Mr. Dimadis was assigned as special adviser to the Minister of National Defense on International Relations, and in 1998 as alternate Director General of the Minister's Staff, Ministry of National Defense.

Between 1999-2001 he was appointed the first chairman of the Politico-Military Steering Committee of the Multinational Peace Force South-Eastern Europe (MPFSEE).

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