South-Eastern Europe Brigade Multinational Peace Force

Brigadier General Zyber DUSHKU (2009-2011)


Brigadier General


Nation 1

Date and place of birth: 30 December 1960, DIBËR, Na-1


1980-1983 Military Academy in Tirana

1989-1991 Defense Academy in Tirana

1996 Defense College in Tirana

1997 Advanced Course on "Defense and Security Studies 97-2, "Geroge C. Marshall", Germany


1994 English language and professional training in Malaysia.

1996 Course on Military Terminology for Staff Officers, at NATO Headquarter (AFCENT) Brunson , Netherlands

1999 Integrated course PfP/OCSE 99/1, Defense College , Rome , Italy

2000 Advanced Course for officers, Training Centre for Multinational Peacekeeping Operations, Kilkis , Greece


1983-1985 Company Commander

1985-1989 Instructor at Military Academy , Tirana

1991-1992 Battalion Commander

1992-1993 Staff Officer at Engineering Directory at AAF General Staff

1994-1995 Pedagogue at Defense Academy , Tirana

1995-1998 Chief of Education at "Skenderbej" Military Academy , Tirana

1998-2000 Chief of Education at Defense Academy

2000-2001 2001 Staff Officer at South Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG), Plovdiv , Bulgaria

2001-2002 Chief of Interoperability and Standardization Office (TRADOC), Albania

2003-2008 Defense Attaché in United Kingdom

August 2008 Deputy Chief of Albanian Armed Forces

Other Experiences Participations in different NATO & PfP Exercises as planning Officer.


FAMILY STATUS Married to Mrs. Arjana Dushku, and has two children

- Son – Daughter

SEEBRIG Headquarters

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