South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

Chairperson of PMSC between 2007-2009

Mrs. Radica GAREVA – Nation 5

1. Personal data

Surname: Gareva

Name: Radica

Date of Birth: 27.09.1955

Place of birth: Skopje

Mother of a daughter Ljubinka and son Saso and grand mother of Anabela

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Mountain hiking, Cooking

2. Education:

– University of “Cyril and Methodius”, 1974-1978, Bachelor

– University of Zagreb, 1989-1992, Master of Science

– University of “Cyril and Methodius”, (Institute for Political, Law and Social Research) 2007 – PhD promotion

3. Professional career

-Head of Data Processing Department in the Republic Hydro meteorological Institute, -1999;

-Undersecretary in the Ministry of Defense responsible for: C-4, Civil Protection, Administrative Affairs and Military Publishing, 2000-2005

-State Adviser in the Ministry of Defense, 2006-

-Associate Professor in the Policy Academy in Skopje, 2007-

-PMSC Chairperson , 2007-

-Associate Professor in the Military Academy in Skopje, 2007-

-Associate Professor in “Center for International Relations” in Podgorica, 2007-

-Associate Professor in “RACVIAC – Center for Security Studies” in Zagreb, 2007-

-Director of Directorate for Logistic and C4 in the Ministry of Defence, 2008 –

4. Membership in more than 15 professional bodies

5. Key qualifications/current occupation: Security and Defense Issues, Fighting against terrorism, NATO & EU integrations, Managing IT issues, Project Manager in Civil Protection Issues, Human Rights and freedom managing, Strategic Management of Critical Information Infrastructure threats and risks – PhD thesis.

6. Published papers. More than 30, regarding defense and security issues, among them are “New Security Environment”, “Strategic Information War”, Critical Information Infrastructure Risks and Threats Management”, “Wider Concept of the National Security”, “Cyber Terrorism Demands a Global Risks ant Threats Strategic Management”.