South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

SEEBRIG Structure

SEEBRIG Force Structure

The Force is to be fully activated for exercises and operations.

SEEBRIG is a brigade – sized force of about 5000 troops in units allocated to SEEBRIG by the participating countries.

Four mechanized infantry battalions, one infantry company and one mechanized company, one reconnaissance company and one reconnaissance platoon have been declared by the participating nations.

One self-propelled howitzer battery, one engineer platoon, and two tactical air control parties form the combat support units while a multinational combat service support battalion (Composed of Bn HQ, multinational HQ Company, multinational Transportation Company, Supply Platoon, Medical Platoon, two EOD Teams and National Support Elements), is established to form a combat support service unit. The Host Nation (currently Nation 3)  provides the Signal Company and HQ Company.

One Military Police Company, one CIMIC Platoon, one ISTAR platoon, six HUMINT Teams and three Counter Intelligence Teams  have been added to the structure by the 5TH Additional Protocol. These units  will be allocated for mission during the Force Generation Conference

An Engineer Task Force composed of the units provided by the nations on a case by case basis was established in accordance with the Protocol signed in Bucharest on 30 November 1999.

For exercises, training activities and contingencies, the units allocated to SEEBRIG will come together to form the appropriate force packages. Operational control over SEEBRIG units is to be transferred to COMSEEBRIG in case of deployment for mission.

Nations are responsible for the training of their own units in their permanent home base locations and in national training facilities in accordance with jointly established standards.

SEEBRIG Headquarters Structure

One of the assets of command and control structure and most important tool of commander is the headquarters. According to the structure, SEEBRIG HQ has functional sections starting from G1 to G9. Political Advisor and Legal Advisor are crucial assistant of commander to make a decision correct and immediate.

Blue color      : Rotational Posts (3 years rotational period)

Red Color      : Host Nation Positions

Orange Color : Bilateraly Determined Positions

Green Color   : Determined Positions