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Chairman of PMSC 2013

Chairman of SEDM CC & PMSC

Gioacchino Alfano

Gioacchino Alfano was born in Sant’Antonio Abate (Naples), July 12, 1963. He is married and has four children and one granddaughter.

He holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Naples and is a Professional Accountant; Auditor; Technical consultant to the City of Torre Annunziata (Naples) Court; Labor Counselor, and Trustee in Bankruptcy proceedings.

His professional experience includes:

-External auditor of accounts for several local government agencies of the Campania Region;

-Member of the Commission overseeing the fulfillment of the provisions of Law 142/1990, established by the Order of Professional Accountants and by the College of Auditors;

-First Master Degree for auditing local agencies;

-Sole auditor of the “Enrico De Nicola” Law Practice Foundation of Torre Annunziata (Naples);

President of the Board of Auditors of the Anastis-Resurrection and Development Auditors Association (a non profit organization) of Cassino (Frosinone Province).

Currently, he is a member of parliament in the Popolo delle Liberta` (PDL) political group.

He entered politics in 1995 as Mayor of the City of Sant’Antonio Abate and held that office for ten years.

He has also held the following positions:

-Alderman for the Union of Municipalities of the Lattari Mountains from 2001 to 2005;

-Member of the Italian Parliament during the 14th Legislature – President of the Commitee for underused areas of the Budget Commission;

-Member of Parliament during the 15th Legislature – Group Chief of the Commission on Finance;

-Member of Parliament during the 16th Legislature – Group Chief of the Budget Commission;

-Member of Parliament during 17th Legislature.

Since May 3rd 2013 he has been the State Under Secretary to the Ministry of Defence.

Currently, he is also:

-Honorary President of the “Naples in Milan” Association;

-Member of the board of directors of the italian Association of Cities (ANCI) for Campania Region since 1996;

-Honorary Vice President of the Italian Association of Policemen;

-Co-editor of the police magazine “We Citizens for Security”;

-Free lance journalist;

-President of the national soccer team of Parliament members;

-Member of the directive council of the Popolo delle Libertà (PDL) parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies;

-Co-promoter of the parliamentary intergroup for subsidization.

He has authored the book “A Mission in Camber of Deputies” (3 reprints).