Participation of SEEBRIG personnel in Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for exercise ON GUARD 21 in NRDC-T, Instanbul/Na-7, 24-25 February 2021

The IPC for exercise ON GUARD 21 was held in NRDC-T in Instanbul/Turkey, 24-25 February 2021 and SEEBRIG HQ participated with 2 representatives, LTC Haris Ibrovikj (CG7) and MAJ Kayhan Igci (SECCOS). The aim of the IPC was to assemble the key exercise planning staff and begin detailed exercise planning.

Participation on exercise ON GUARD 21 will provide a good opportunity for SEEBRIG to enhance the preparedness for Peace Support Operations, to increase its visibility among NATO countries and to strengthen the mutual trust and collaboration between NRDC-T and SEEBRIG\