South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

Participation of SEEBRIG personnel to the Exercise ON GUARD 21 organized by NRDC-T in Istanbul/Turkey, 14 – 21 November 2021

The Execution Phase of exercise ON GUARD 21 was conducted by NRDC-T at Multinational Joint Warfare Centre (MJWC) in Instanbul/Turkey, between 14 – 21 November 2021, with the participation of 600 pax, including 189 pax from 14 countries.

SEEBRIG HQ supported this training event with 6 officers, 1 warrant officer and 1 non-commissioned officer.

The aim of the activity was to improve ability to Command & Control combat operations in a challenging Article V operation, to further mature capabilities, focusing on C2, Targeting, and Sustainment in all domains, across all joint functions, and to introduce and train newcomers in the NRDC-T Battle Rhythm. Despite the fact that SEEBRIG mission does not include Article V operations, we participated in order to train the HQ staff in Operational Planning Process.

Participation on exercise ON GUARD 21 provided a good opportunity for SEEBRIG to increase its visibility among NATO countries and to enhance the mutual trust and collaboration between NRDC-T and SEEBRIG. It also provided to the participants valuable experiences in NATO exercises.