South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

Women and Security Gender Awareness Course, 13 – 15 June 2023, Kumanovo, Na-5

In a peace-operations context, integrating a gender perspective means understanding the differentiated impacts of conflict on women, men, girls and boys and designing policies, programs, operational plans and missions that take these differences into account.

In order to enhance HQ Nucleus Staff knowledge and to get familiarized with the respective procedures, SEEBRIG HQ & RACVIAC organized the “Women and Security Gender Awareness Course”, from 13th to 15th of Jun 2023 at “Zanatski Dom”, in Kumanovo/Na-5. The course aimed to offer SEEBRIG Nucleus Staff and external participants a broad introduction on the gender perspective and its mainstreaming into mission planning and execution at all level, but mostly at the tactical level and, furthermore, the ways and means how a gender perspective should be integrated into military operational planning process, especially during Peace Support Operations.

COMSEEBRIG BG Evangelos MITROUTSIKOS welcomed the Course facilitators from RACVIAC and the instructors during the office call and after a short introduction, he announced the beginning of the Course, the third collective training activity for the year 2023.

A training team of 3 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) started with the introduction of gender-related terms/definitions and the familiarization with the main provisions of the NATO Bi-SC Directive and how to identify the gender perspective as a tool in the Commander’s tool kit. Additionally, students learned how to apply the gender perspective at the strategic, operational and tactical level. A conflict-related violence topic was also introduced and as part of the topic a movie, “Greatest Silence”, was presented. The Course concluded with syndicate work on extraction and discussion about UNSCR 1325 and related resolutions.

At the end of the aforementioned activity, SEEBRIG Chief of Staff COL Zlatko GJORGJIOVSKI congratulated the Course Directors and instructors for their high educational level and he underlined that this Course was beneficial for all the participants.