South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

South-Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial (SEDM) Deputy Chiefs of Defense (DCHODs) Meeting, 21 June 2023, Rome, Italy

On 22th of June 2023, Commander of SEEBRIG BG Evangelos MITROUTSIKOS, Deputy Chiefs of Defense /General Staff from the SEDM member-states, representatives from SEDM countries, OSCE, RACVIAC an SEESAC participated in the DCHODs Meeting, organized by Rome under Na-2 Chairmanship.

The meeting started with the inspiring opening statements by SEDM Chairperson, Mr. Atanas ZAPRYANOV, Rome’s Undersecretary of State, Honorable Matteo PEREGO DI CREMNAGO and Italian Deputy Chief of Defense, Lieutenant General Carmine MASIELLO.

During the meeting the DCHODs of SEDM countries condemned Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, one of the SEDM members.

Moreover the participants were informed about the SEEBRIG main activities since the last DCHOD meeting, future activities, financial and personnel issues, as well as the way ahead.


Furthermore, it was expressed appreciation to the COM SEEBRIG for his efforts to enhance the effectiveness of SEEBRIG, as the most important element of the SEDM initiative to actively contribute to peace, security, stability and cooperation in SEE.

In addition, it was congratulated SEEBRIG on the well-organized and executed “SEVEN STARS 2022“ Exercise.

Along with that also it was noted 31 August 2023 as a date for the upcoming Triple Ceremony, handover-takeover of SEDM-CC/PMSC Secretariat, handover-takeover of COM SEEBRIG, and commemorating the SEEBRIG 24th Anniversary which will take place in Skopje.

The representatives in the meeting expressed their satisfaction for the participation of SEEBRIG in exercises, courses and training in cooperation with NATO Centers of Excellences and Centers of Training.