South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

COMSEEBRIG participation to the 49th SEDM-CC and 50th PMSC Meetings, 13 – 14 September 2023, Timișoara, Na-6

The 50th Politico-Military Steering Committee of the Multinational Peace Force South-Eastern Europe (PMSC/MPFSEE) and 49th South-Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial Coordination Committee (SEDM-CC) Meeting took place on 13 – 14 September 2023, in Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture for 2023.

These were the first meetings under the Chairmanship of Bucharest, in which participated all SEDM nations, including observer nation, as well as representatives of RACVIAC, UNDP/SEESAC, IMIHO and Euro-Atlantic Resilience Center (E-ARC).

SEEBRIG Commander, BG Bilbil BITRI presented a comprehensive update of the activities since the last PMSC meeting, focusing on the importance of the activities on achieving connectivity, increasing readiness and interoperability, gaining experience, enhancing knowledge and professional expertise among SEEBRIG HQ staff and affiliated units.

Over and above BG BITRI expressed his vision and willingness to further transformation and adaptation of SEEBRIG in order to meet the challenges of a new security environment and fulfill its mission by contributing to security and wellbeing of people in need.

Furthermore, PMSC endorsed the Annual Plan 2024, the Budget Plan 2024, the Medium-Term Financial Plan 2025-2028, as well as the Board of Auditors assignment proposal, consisting of members from Na-2, 3 and 7, who are going to audit SEEBRIG’s common property in June 2024.

All the topics, programs and projects and initiatives were discussed in a fruitful atmosphere, friendly spirit, and mutual understanding.