South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

Evaluation Visit to Na-7 SEEBRIG Affiliated Units, 16 – 20 October 2023

Evaluation visits remain for SEEBRIG the best opportunity to interact with affiliated units that participating nations have “assigned” to the brigade. Officer and NCO from SEEBRIG HQ can witness first hand and see from up close what the real capabilities of the affiliated units to SEEBRIG are, and more importantly to meet and greet the very people that are the source of strength – the soldiers of those units.

A SEEBRIG HQ Evaluation Team, led by the Commander, Brigadier General Bilbil BITRI, conducted an evaluation visit to Na-7 SEEBRIG affiliated units from 16 OCT to 20 OCT 2023.

The first stop was the Transportation Company, located in Metris/Istanbul. A unit that showed to be very well adapted, transformed and equipped to perform its tasks at its best. Capable of planning and executing movement of troops and equipment by air, sea and ground.  It was very assuring to hear the unit commander, the young Captain Ferhat GÖKALP, to explain with great competence and confidence what the capabilities of the unit are and how they would be employed to SEEBRIG mission, at any time being asked.  And then seeing all of that in action – well trained soldiers conducting a live demonstration of its capabilities relevant to PSO.

SEEBRIG’s team next stop was in Beşiktepe/Tekirdağ garrison, the home of Reconnaissance Company and Artillery Battery, two of the main combat support capabilities for the brigade. A warm welcome at the 8th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Hq by Commander, Brigadier General Ahmet UĞURLU, a dedicated soldier and a great leader. He spent the whole day with us in the units, always kind and ready together with his staff members to answer any inquiry or request that members of evaluation team had. Thorough briefs on what the units do and stand for, gave the SEEBRIG team not just the flavor but the whole picture of their capabilities.  The vast operational experience of the majority of the personnel, the well-defined training requirements, a very demanding training and exercise schedule, and certain high end capabilities of Recce Coy and Artillery Battery make those units a great asset for SEEBRIG. Both unit leaders, Captain Halil KOCABAŞ and Lieutenant Mahmut SARIASLAN, and their respective soldiers were able to showcase through a demonstration the level of readiness and professionalism that they carry the mission and tasks.   

There couldn’t have been a better closing of the visit than with a stop at the NATO Rapid Deploy Corps – Türkiye, and meeting the Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Sezai ÖZTÜRK. A great opportunity to talk about SEEBRIG, the mission and tasks but also the role it plays in building good neighborly relations. On his side LTG ÖZTÜRK reaffirmed the support for SEEBRIG and the increase of interaction with affiliated units.

The evaluation visit was an opportunity for SEEBRIG HQ leadership and staff to familiarize themselves with the capabilities, training standards, facilities, equipment and weaponry systems of affiliated units from Na-7 and to strengthen the relationship with their personnel and key leaders. We would like to express our appreciations to Na-7 for their hospitality, support and collaboration during the visit. Your host has strengthened our commitment to continuous improvement, and we are eager to implement the recommendations you have provided. Your support is crucial to our success, and we look forward to a continued partnership to achieve our shared objectives.