South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

SEEBRIG opens a new chapter in its 25 years long history

SEEBRIG marks the start the 2024, the 25th  Anniversary of its establishment, by recognizing achievements of the past and also aiming for new ones that will contribute to strengthening the relevance: “geared up” to maximize the effect of cooperation, increase interaction, train and exercise to the standards, maintain and increase interoperability, and maintain the readiness of capabilities, the team is already in action.

Looking back to 2023, it is worth noting that with the great support and in cooperation and coordination with PMSC and the Nations, SEEBRIG successfully completed a wide range of activities which contributed to visibility and connection, readiness and interoperability, individual proficiency training and collective training, experience gaining and knowledge enhancement, connect with the affiliated units and strengthen cohesion, and last but not least strengthening ties with community.

At all levels of policy making and in all circles of strategic thinking and decision making, the era we live in is described as an era of tectonic changes in geopolitics and where the Ruled Based International Order is already challenged and the risk full scale war in Europe never closer. On the other hand the Climate Change has brought a “new reality” in our midst. What was an aberration of the weather not too long ago now is becoming normal, a “new normal” against which we all should be prepare to react. And the SEE region has not been ‘speared’ at all. In one way or the other all SEE nations are hit by a major natural disaster in two and a half decades of SEEBRIG existence.

SEEBRIG is fully aware of both, the challenges that presents the security environment and the ones that the nature might present. Having in mind the mission and also the above mentioned challenges, SEEBRIG is “geared up” for 2024, has defined its main goals and objectives and developed a calendar of events.

Increasing capacity, enhanced capabilities, and improved training; maximizing the effect of the collaboration with NATO structures and entities; enhanced cooperation with regional security organizations and training centers; increase interaction with affiliated units/subunits to enhance the readiness; increased visibility and explore opportunities to be an active contributor to security and stability in the region; practicing innovative tactics, testing capabilities, and maintaining interoperability; maximizing the effect of the Evaluation visits for a consolidated outcome and strengthened interoperability; conducted a full Capability Assessment Review to identify challenges and correct the critical gaps; and developed and maintained positive multicultural working environment.

The diamond event for 2024 will be the “Seven Stars 24” exercise, which will be the venue to meet a number of the objectives for 2024. Along with the “SEST 24”, over 50 other activities are designed to meet SEEBRIG goals and objectives.

SEEBRIG is a relevant Instrument of Power of SEDM initiative. Dedication, professionalism, ethical standards, commitment and resolve of SEEBRIG family (HQ NS and affiliated units/subunits) are the assurance to safeguard peace and stability in the region and beyond, wherever the need might be.