South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

Evaluation visit to Na-1 SEEBRIG affiliated units, 19 – 22 February 2024

“We will continue to support regional initiatives like SEEBRIG, which promote good neighborly relations, democratic values and regional stability” – stated Minister of Defense of Albania, Mr. Peleshi in the meeting with COMMSEEBRIG in Tirana, during evaluation visit in Na 1., Brigadier General Bitri, on his side, used the opportunity to thank Mr. Peleshi for the meeting and also to inform him about SEEBRIG’s main objectives and activities for 2024 as well as the vision and efforts to increase training and exercise, and co-operation with NATO entities to ensure an effective contribution in peace support operations.

COMMSEEBRIG had a warm and fruitful discussion with the Chief of Defense of Albania, Major General Kingji, who reaffirmed his strong support to SEEBRIG, while emphasizing the importance of readiness of SEEBRIG capabilities and their employment, especially in the Disaster Relief Operations (DRO) to alleviate the effect of natural disasters, which are on the rise. There was a shared understanding of the security environment and challenges that come with it and also the need to explore opportunities for increased visibility and contribution of SEEBRIG.

SEEBRIG team, led by Brigadier General Bilbil Bitri, started the evaluation visit in Na 1 in Land Force Command (LFC) with an office call with LF Commander, Major General Ilir Xhebexhia. LF Commander presented briefly current training activities and exercises of LF. He expressed commitment to continue to support and contribute to SEEBRIG as required. SEEBRIG Commander (SEEBRIG COM) informed LF Commander regarding SEEBRIG mission, organization, operation capabilities and main activities planned to carry out during 2024. Following the office call, SEEBRIG COM and his team attended a briefing presented by first light infantry company commander about organization, personnel equipment, and training and operation capabilities of this company which has been the affiliated unit to SEEBRIG for many years. Following the briefing there was a static display of Small and Light Weapons, and company’s equipment and capabilities to carry out peace support operations. A live demonstration based on a DRO scenario was put together showing the ability of the unit to conduct such operations in accordance with provisions of the mission utilizing appropriate SOP and SOI. COMMSEEBRIG, on behalf of the team, congratulated soldiers of the unit for their achievements and exceptional professionalism demonstrated by them. “Your experience in missions and operations, the level of training and exercises you conduct, combined with your dedication, professionalism and commitment are the assurance that SEEBRIG is also ready to face challenges of the time – said BG Bitri to the soldiers of 1st Infantry Coy.

The next station of evaluation visit was the Combat Support Regiment where the engineer company affiliated to SEEBRIG is located. Evaluation team had a short meeting with the Support Regiment Commander and then was briefed by the Coy Commander in more details about the Engineering, focusing on personnel, equipment, training and resources, and future plans for engineering capabilities. A static display followed by live demonstrations of engineering capabilities was put together to provide a comprehensive picture of the ability of the unit. Addressing to the soldiers of Engineering Company after the demonstration, COMMSEEBRIG congratulated them for their performance and commitment to duty. “Your continuous engagement in helping communities of your country during natural disasters, not only makes you better for the country but also for SEEBRIG” – were the words of BG Bitri to the soldiers of the Engineering Coy.

Evaluation visits are an opportunity to learn about the country as well. The team received a warm welcome in the units, while the host had put together an excellent program which included learning and experiencing a little about the culture and the history of Albania.