South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

SEEBRIG HQ kicks off the Command Post Exercise “SEVEN STARS-24” utilizing for the first time its own VTC capability to conduct the Initial Planning Conference

According to the Annual Plan 2024, on 29th of February SEEBRIG HQ conducted, via VTC, the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) of the Exercise SEVEN STARS 24 (SEST24) from Camp Boro MENKOV, Kumanovo (Na 5). Representatives of the contributing nations and their affiliated units took part in the conference along with representatives from PMSC, NRDC-GR, MND-SE, OSCE HLPG, CMDR COE, LITPOLUKRBRIG and MPSOTC providing their contribution to Exercise Planning Process.

COMSEEBRIG BG Bilbil BITRI welcomed participants and asked all to put their efforts for the accomplishment of the aim of this conference which is a critical milestone event of SEVEN STARS 24 exercise. The agenda of the conference was focused on several aspects like Scenario Development, Exercise Structure, Operation Planning Process, CIS, General Logistic Concept, Real Life Support and Manning Expectations, Memorandum of Understanding and Technical Agreement Development.

At the end of the IPC, COMSEEBRIG appreciated the work of delegations and SEEBRIG HQ and expressed his high expectations regarding the development of SEST24 Planning Process. In conclusion he emphasized that SEEBRIG HQ, under the guidance of SEDM-CC and PMSC, will continue to make preparations about the following events, in close cooperation with the member nations and the other organizations.