South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

SEEBRIG HQ personnel participated at “Three Swords 24” exercise from 10-14 June conducted by LITPOLUKR Brigade in Lublin-Majdanek, Poland.

SEEBRIG HG personnel attended THREE SWORDS 24 exercise which is cyclical exercise in partnership with Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, which was maintained in Poland. SEEBRIG representatives were distinguished guests who observed a display of military equipment and were familiarized with the specifics of the Exercise and it’s results.

THREE SWORDS is a series of exercises initiated as a result of staff talks between Chiefs of General Staffs of Poland and Ukraine which took place on JULY 19-31, 2021 in Yavoriv, Lviv region, Ukraine with the aim to be continued as a cyclical exercise program in partnership with Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.
THREE SWORDS 24, the second edition in the series, was hosted by Poland.  The main aim of the exercise was to train affiliated units to plan and conduct Peace Support Operation under the leadership of the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command  to enhance the level of interoperability of multinational forces.
LITPOLUKRBRIG COMMAND and its affiliated units have been training together to enhance their interoperability and capabilities to conduct peace support operations.

Three Swords 24 lasted two weeks and it tested the level of cohesion of the three states’ systems and operating of the multinational composition as a whole. The aim of the exercise was to enhance interoperability among multinational forces, train units in planning and conducting Peace Support Operations, improve deployment capabilities and coordination during operations and promote collective competence and confidence.