South-Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) - formation established by seven participating nations in order to contribute to the regional security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area

Handover-Takeover (HOTO) Ceremony of South Eastern Europe Brigade (SEEBRIG) Commandership 23 August 2017, Tyrnavos/ Na3

The Hand-Over Take-Over (HOTO) Ceremony of the SEEBRIG Commandership took place on Wednesday 23 18:30 August 2017 in Camp SCHINA in Tyrnavos/Larissa, (Na 3).

Brigadier General Faruk METIN (Na 7), which has been appointed SEEBRIG Commander in October 2016, handed over the command of SEEBRIG to Brigadier General Tudorică PETRACHE (Na 6). The latter has been assigned as Commander of SEEBRIG untill 2020.

Moreover, on the same occasion, the HOTO of South-East Europe Defense Min-isterial Coordination Committee/ Political-Military Steering Committee (SEDM-CC/ PMSC) Chairmanship took place. The HOTO took place between Na7 and Na3. Be-tween 2015 and 2017, Na 7 Ambassadors Mr. Huseyin MUFTUOGLOU and Mr. Levent BILGEN were appointed as chairmen, during Na 7’s SEDM/PMSC Chairmanship. Since 1st July 2017, Ambassador Mr. Eleftherios ANGHELOPOULOS(Na 3) has been appointed as the new chairperson of SEDM-CC/ PMSC.

Many distinguished guests from 11 nations which participate in the SEDM initia-tive and one multinational brigade took part in both events. Among the guests were Deputy Ministers of Defense from Na 2, Na 3, Na 5, Na 7 and Sarajevo, Deputy Chiefs of Defense from Na 2, Na 3, Na 6, diplomats and senior and higher ranked officers and personnel from Na1, Podgorica, Rome, Washington, Zagreb, and LITPOLUKRBRIG.

The alternate Minister of Defense Mr. Dimitrios VITSAS was invited to deliver a speech, during which he emphasized the importance of neighborly cooperation, not only for the regional stability, but also to deal with disaster consequences.

The outgoing commander, BG Faruk METIN highlighted the achievements of his tour of duty, while the incoming commander BG Tudorică PETRACHE congratulated the first and set a goal to increase the interoperability among the member nations affiliated units and SEEBRIG HQ.

The event was concluded with the parade of the SEEBRIG personnel, flag par-ties from SEEBRIG Member Nations, and the rest of the troops.